On April 18, 2020 the Galt Community of Character Coalition with the support of the City of Galt Beautification Committee will be celebrating the 5oth Anniversary of Earth Day.  We are hoping that you will be a part of our desire to preserve the Earth that we know and love for future generations.  We will be emphasizing what individuals can do as well as what many businesses and industries are already doing to preserve the land on which we live.  The agricultural industry including the dairy industry are doing many innovative things to improve the land, water, and air.We believe that it is important for communities like Galt to be a part of preserving the surrounding area that we are blessed with.  You can help by being a part of the April 18 celebration at the Chabolla Center either with an educational exhibit and/or financial support.  Please review attached forms.  For more information, email Barbara Payne, President of Galt Community of Character Coalition at barbarapayne@softcom.net
The Galt Earth Day Celebration is hosted by the Galt Community of Character Coalition 501(c)(3) and the Galt Beautification Committee.